Congrats to Anna - named one of Canada's Top 10 New Faces!


July 28, 2012

Canada Top 10 Newfaces

Let's celebrate three years of Digital Diamonds with a feature dedicated to the 10 most beautiful mermaids from this planet's ocean of beauty that is called Canada!
This is the new generation!

#7 Anna from Sutherland Models in Toronto | Booking: | Click here for Book (5'10) | Hometown: Toronto

Winner of Sutherland's Model Search 2012, fifteen year old Anna Stephenson is blessed with a look that is simply contemporary - It's this certain mixture of piercing intensity and enigmatic allure that sets the Grade 9 student from Toronto apart. Various top scouts from all over the world have already expressed serious interest in the Canadian beauty.

How were you discovered?
Carole Reynolds, Sutherland's Agency Director, discovered me at her daugther's school walking home - We both live in the same neighborhood in Toronto!

What are the best characteristics of your Canadian agent?
Understanding, she's always positive! And of course working hard.

Famous person of the fashion world you would like to meet?
Twiggy! Because she is incredibly iconic and influential during her time as an extremely successful model who I idolize.

One song that always manages to make you happy?
Young Blood - The Naked and Famous!

You go on holidays with a famous person - Where do you go and who would you pick to accompany you?
I would go to Barcelona and Paris with Blake Lively and go to get tapas in Barcelona and crepes in Paris. Blake Lively is just someone who who seems to make everybody love her so I would definitely like to travel with her.

Let's talk about movies! Where do you see yourself?
I am really down for anything but I mostly re-watch comedies like She's the Man, Accepted, Stick It or anything on Netflix, really. I do watch my fair share of romantic comedies usually consisting of anything on the W network with Jennifer Lopez.

What would you say is the most important thing you have learned due to modelling?
You have to be professional - Arriving on time is important as well as bringing everything mandatory. Also treating everybody with respect and not being a diva.



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