Check out the profiles on our Flare cover girls Ash Foo, Charlotte Mingay, Jenna and Sophie Touchet. NO Makeup. NO Retouching. NO Filters. GORGEOUS!

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No makeup. No Photoshop. No filter. Meet the up-and-coming Canadian models who are poised to conquer the fashion world

Flare Magazine Cover Sutherland Models


Flare Magazine Sutherland Model Ashley The Go-Getter: Ashley Foo

Hometown: North York, Ont.

Age: 18

The only child of first-generation immigrants from Singapore and Malaysia, Foo had a no-stopping-you mentality instilled in her from a young age. When she was 15, the sweetheart-lipped self-described fashionista had an intense desire to attend Toronto Fashion Week but was crushed to discover its 19-and-up age limit.

Foo's mother drove her to the tents anyway, and they took in the scene from afar. Inspired, she enrolled in Sutherland Models' summer camp, where her five-foot-nine frame gave her a leg up. In her first year, Ash (her model name) shot with Canada's top fashion glossies, in addition to walking the Mackage catwalk. "It's so cool to think, Now Im on the inside."



Flare Magazine Sutherland Model CharlotteThe Baby Face: Charlotte Mingay

Hometown: Toronto

Age: 17

Does the fashion world have any appetite for innocence these days? Sutherland Models in Toronto and Trump agency in New York City, where Mingay is also signed, are banking on a pendulum swing. The youngest of four girls (Dad is a lawyer, Mom an ex-judge), the model has a round, infant-broad forehead, small eyes and a pillowy pout that are a distinct departure from the brooding angularity of the rest of the pack.

With one season of Toronto Fashion Week under her belt, you'll have to wait until the spring 2017 collections to see Mingay on a grander scale -after she's graduated from private school.



Flare Magazine Sutherland Model Jenna The Illusionist: Jenna Lenfesty-Castilloux

Hometown: Gaspe, Que.


Just seven months ago, Lenfesty-Castilloux did her hairdresser a solid and modelled at a hair show. But this girl was different from the others. Her dozy (in a good way) gaze drew attention, and soon she was scouted for a worldwide runway exclusive of the highest order: Saint Laurent. Her mesmerizing stare connotes heroin chic, but what's behind her eyes is far from hazy - the bobbed blonde is currently studying neurology at McGill University.

Playing rock star at Hedi Slimane's spring show was a natural high, she says. "As soon as you hit the spotlight, it's like everything vanishes. You feel so confident, and you walk like no one can stop you. It's the best feeling in the world."



Flare Magazine Sutherland Model Sophie

The Champ: Sophie Touchet

Hometown: Gatineau, Que.

Age: 20

It's easy to see why the charmingly naive, fiery‚Äźheaded Touchet recently won Best New Face at Canada's P&G Beauty Awards. For her debut season last spring, the elfin beauty walked an impressive 43 shows, including Chanel's haute grocery-themed affair.

Discovered while working at a Quebec Best Buy, Touchet had her first casting session in New York City just weeks later with legendary Vogue creative director and fellow redhead Grace Coddington. "I had no idea who she was, so I was just chill. She asked me if I was going to do fashion week, and I was like, "Do what?"


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